Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process at Adida Spices integrates production and packaging equipment lines with food quality and safety standards.

We sort our spices & herbs either manually or mechanically to ensure right shape, density, weight, color, and size. In order to meeting our demands of consistent quality and to ensure our products are clean, sterilized and free from physical hazards, we remove undesirable foreign objects through the following ways:

  • Double Visual Inspection
  • Sorting

At Adida Spices, we have a variety of machines to meet custom grinding sizes. In addition to pre-cleaning, we use various screen sizes to eliminate unwanted material post grinding.

To ensure the best quality assurance and to reduce the contamination reduction, we receive certificate of analysis for each received product batch and we do the in-house fumigation process to ensure eliminating all stock destroying species in all their life stages.

Microbial and chemical testing are continuously completed at accredited laboratories.

All finished material are tested prior to shipment.

Furthermore, an in-house Sterilization system for microbial and chemical reduction is in process.


We offer packaging in various sizes and shapes, 50g, 100g, 500g and box.