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Who we are

“Adida” was founded in 2007, in Dawhet Aramoun-Lebanon, and is engaged in the field of manufacturing and selling spices, herbs and special oriental and multinational blends of all kinds.

With confident moves, we’ve been able to build up our brand’s success in the country and abroad.

Delivering the highest quality customer service is what drives every employee from the boardroom to the warehouse. What differentiates Adida, “the Best from the Rest”, is the Purity of our spices.

Our quality policy is based on abiding by the QMS ISO 22000 certificate for food safety management, which covers all Adida Co. operations and activities.

Our customers range from individuals who order by grams, to restaurants, catering, butcheries, bakeries, food stores and country agents who market our products abroad.

Commitment, Innovation, Partnership, High Quality requirements and a Pioneering Spirit are the core of our success.

To become the Ultimate Destination for Spices, Spice Blends & Seasonings across the retail and food service segments, constantly innovating to provide customers across the globe with high quality product, unique taste and value for money. This is by producing the highest and the best quality spices by using top of the line raw materials, production machinery and packaging equipment.

Since 2007, the culture of Adida Spices has been consistently adherent to an unwavering commitment to quality and service by providing continuous training and development for our staff to offer the best flavorful cooking experience.

We rely on longstanding partnerships.

Fair and longstanding supplier relationships with certified contract partners enable extensive traceability and ensure reliable and sustainable procurement. We develop customer-friendly solutions and tailor-made products to meet every requirement for our customers in the food trade, food service segments and the food industry.

“Adida” follows a special policy in selling its spices by teaching “the Art of Cooking”.

A well trained team is accountable to teach your Chefs or concerned parties the best way you can use Adida Spices and special Blends in order to get the best taste ever.


Satisfied Clients


Seasonings and Special Blends


Days of experience, dedication, creation and Customer support

Unique Taste

We choose the highest quality raw material to ensure a unique taste to your dishes.

Brand expansion

A specialized team works continuously on a brand development plan based on the multinational market needs. We develop customer-friendly solutions and tailor-made products to meet every requirement.

Teaching the “Art of Cooking”

A well trained team teaches your Chef or concerned party the best way to use Adida spices and special blends in order to get the best taste ever.

Private Label

We offer our existing product portfolio to you according to your requirements and specifications.